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College Essentials- Lucky Seven List 2020

Hello everyone and welcome to a new post about college, life, and some essentials therein! In the last post we went over some important things that you may want to consider when moving into a new dorm room. For the most part, that list dealt with dorm room essentials, and not some essentials you will need for any other purpose.

Today I would like to talk about some essentials that you may want to consider getting for the sake of being in college. This list may or may not have some things that your college will also recommend you get. I cannot stress it enough that whatever list the college gives you, if they do, be sure to get what they recommend! They know better than I will, as universities and colleges have different requirements and request of their students.

Needless to say, this list should be considered in conjunction with the list you receive from the college, as the college may not put everything up that you should consider buying, for whatever reason. Trust me, I have been there, and I don’t want to see you have to go through it either! So let’s look at seven college essentials that you need to get!

1. MSI Gaming Computer

Alright, I know, I know, it’s weird to suggest a gaming computer when you are going to college to learn, but hear me out on this one! Gaming computers are usually top quality computers, fast and with plenty of memories, with beautiful quality.

Yeah you may not game (though I highly recommend trying it if you don’t), but you will eventually need some form of entertainment. You cannot work yourself to crazy and expect to stay in college long before you burn out. These computers are great for watching videos on YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, or online in general. On top of that, it can run applications pretty quickly that you may need to run for your classes.

The design of the MSI Laptop is also just beautiful! I recommended them because the first gaming Laptop I ever got was an MSI and I bought it for the speed and the fact that I play World of Warcraft and Civilization V a lot. I have never been happier with a laptop, so that is the brand I have stuck with because I know it is a good one and is reputable as well!

2. Digital Voice Recorder

Oh so you think you can take good notes, and take them quick enough? Yeah you may get away with that for a few classes, but eventually you are going to run into that professor who feels like he has no time and he rushes through the PowerPoint so that you may learn everything he has planned for you to learn.

Believe me, that will happen, and if you have already experienced it, do not feel bad because some professors are just like that! That is why a digital voice recorder is so important. I never had one when I was in college, and I had to take notes on my friend’s notes. My wife, on the other hand, did have one, and she was able to listen to the lectures over and over and get what notes she needed to get from that. Not surprisingly, her grade point average was a bit higher than mine!

I highly recommend this especially if you are taking higher level classes. There is so, so much information in those classes, you really don’t want to miss anything, and this is the best way to make sure you do not. I do recommend asking the professor first though, as some do not like be recorded for some reason.

3. Kindle E-Reader

Look, I know I am bringing this up all the damn time but it is so important to have one of these! these save so much money in the long run, and many come with note takers and high-lightening abilities as well.

Kinde’s are the way of the future in books, if you ask me. One can almost have a whole library of books on one Kindle, and still have room for more. These come in handy at nighttime, or when you are on the go and you don’t want to carry a lot of books around. Kindles will literally save you from having to carry and extra ten pounds around because your books can all go on it, and no more worrying about space in a backpack!

You see me post a lot about the Kindle’s because I really do feel like they are an essential part of every student’s life in college, and indeed, even in my own life and I’m not in college anymore!

4. Digital Note Taker

Have you seen a common theme so far? Everything I have put down has been digital. The reason being is because digital is the future, there is simply no denying that. It is cheap, more efficient, and better for the environment.

This note taker is no different! Rightly so, many college students, myself included, are very concerned about the environment. A digital note taker is great to have because all the trees it takes to make paper is ridiculous. This note taker has organizational abilities, so you can put your different notes in different folders for different classes! The battery power is great, lasting up to a full week when fully charged!

This note taker also has the ability to add graphs to your notes, so if that is something that is essential in your class, you can make it happen! The notes stay with you at all times, and can be backed up, so if something happens to your Note Taker, you will always have your notes safe for later viewing.

As with many things though, it is vital you ask your professor first, before going in and taking notes with one of these. Some of them are still a little more traditional, and would not appreciate you having a device like this in their class. I have never met one like that, but you never know, there could always be that one who is.

5. Gaming Headset

Remember this from another list? Yeah that’s because these things come in handy big time, especially if you live in the dorms! Gaming headsets are a cheap way to get noise canceling headphones, that come with a microphone so that you can even use it to Skype and game chat!

Imagine this, you have a huge test coming up tomorrow, and you are studying hard for that test in the privacy of your dorm. Well, down the hall some idiot is blaring their music as loud as they can and pretending they can sing a long with it. It happens, and it is so annoying. It’s hard to focus when that happens.

So I suggest putting these headsets’s on, turning on the noise canceling ability, and possibly some classical music, then study away! No more worries about that inconsiderate person! You can study without having to hear his music! That is why these types of headsets are so great and just better quality than those that are not gaming headsets.

6. College Backpack

Well how about that, the first thing on my list that does not involve technology! Yeah, even I find there are things you may need that are not technologically inclined. A good backpack is good to have for those who carry their laptop with them, a long with things like the note taker and kindle that may have already been mentioned before ;-).

Seriously though, a good backpack is great to have because you never know what you are going to need to bring to a class, or take from a class. This is especially true on the first day of classes, when you will be getting schedules and other things like there is no tomorrow!

I chose the one I did because it is not a travel backpack. There are several travel backpacks, but I don’t recommend them because they are usually more expensive, for good reason of course, but none of those reasons are really good enough to justify a college student using them. That is my own opinion of course!

7. Basic Alarm Clock

And we are back to the digital world! And I’m sure I am getting a lot of, oh I have a phone, I don’t need the alarm clock! If you are thinking that then….STOP IT!! Yes, it is great to have a phone that you can set to be able to wake you up in the morning, but there is one reason, and one reason a lone that I think you should get an alarm clock.

You can wake up in the middle of the night and see what time it is without scrambling around for your phone. This is important from a psychological standpoint. In college you need all the sleep you can get, and when you are waking from a slumber, seconds and brain stimulation matters on the quality of your sleep. To be able to glance over at the time, quickly is far better than to scramble for your phone and having a bright light shine in your face.

Plus, with a phone there is always a chance that you receive a message and instead of ignoring it and getting the sleep you need for class, you answer it, which is not good for those who really need the sleep.

Seriously, invest in an alarm clock! The one I have linked is simple and it’s an amazon product, which in my opinion means it is trustworthy!

College Essentials- Conclusion

These seven things will help you get through college as less painfully as possible, and each one has some benefits even outside of college. I highly recommend buying at least some things on this list, because I promise you, you will not regret it, especially while you are in college. As I have said, I have been there before, and I want to make sure I help as many people as possible who are going through that.

So that was my sort of serious thought of the day. To get back to the normal me, I will leave you with a video at the end. It’s a bit of comedy and its coming from my favorite presidential person running!

Before I do go though, leave a comment below telling us of something you wish you had known would have been for college, that you may end up buying soon, or if you have any questions please ask them and I will get back with you! Don’t forget to subscribe and share so that you and your friends do not miss a post!

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  1. When I was in elementary school my grandma shoved me that technique of voice recordings, though, it was just my own voice reading throughout all the material so I could listen to it several times, which can also be useful in college. Do be aware, some universities don’t allow voice recording or any type of recording In the classroom so you might want to consider talking with your professor before doing so.

    1. Absolutely! That is something I hope I was able to make clear because I don’t want anyone getting into trouble over something I have said. 

  2. This article shared a lot of useful products that college students, like me, can use to enhance their academic life. I really like how you mentioned the gaming headset, that’s definitely something I would assume to be just for gaming, but you bring up a good point how it is noise cancelling! That would definitely improve studying and concentration. I also like the mention of the digital note taker…those are really popular now as they are great for adding visuals to your notes. I will definitely consider purchasing these products – thanks! 

    1. Thank you and I am glad you enjoyed it! The note takers are pretty cool and something that I think all college students could use for sure. 

  3. College life brings into perspective, so many varieties. It also an opportunity to explore life from a unique angle. Now while it can be turnout to be a fun adventure, it can also be a nightmare. The 7 items on this checklist can ease your stay in college. I think the kindle e reader is the item i relate to the most.

    Thanks for sharing

    1. You are welcome! The Kindle is definitely the most recommended thing on the list for sure! It saves so much time, money, and space!

  4. My son has just started college and is figuring out an away to pay for his tuition. I’ve encouraged him to start a blog, which he is looking at doing right. But y0ur site is fantastic; i will be referring him to take a look at al he can promote and make money from. 

    By the way, these are phenomenal products.

  5. I must say that this are indeed collage essentials especially the MSI gaming computer… although during my te MSI wasn’t too rampant but there were other good gaming PC like the Dell and HP but for me the gaming PC was the first thing I got and also I still take the digital note make as it can really come in handy.thanks for this awesome article it would be of great help to us all.

  6. College life can never be compared to anything in this world, its simply the best experience you can have as a child and even as an adult.
    I remember those days in college, my dad always buy me a lot of games even as a girl, he loved games though so he encouraged me too to the act of playing games.
    I think you would make a fantastic tutor if you are asked to.
    Getting these materials and gadgets help a student discover a lot of things about the world around us, so it is something that should be encouraged but not excessively though and not getting addicted to it.

    1. Thank you so much Carol!  I have wanted to teach for a long time, as it is something that I am so passionate about honestly.  I agree as well, that we should never become addicted to technology or anything really.

  7. First of all, I thank you for sharing such a beautiful register among us because college students like me have made a lot of useful products that they can use to build their academic lives.I think the point of gaming you have here is that it must be there because it will definitely improve the chapters.And here’s what I like about the subject you mentioned in the digital note.I will definitely try to get more ideas on these products and consider buying.I will share your Article with all my friends so that they too can get an idea.

    1. Thank you very much!  I am glad you enjoyed the post and I hope to see you more often!  Please do share with all your friends!

  8. Hi there, your article is very useful and informative. Gaming computer and gaming headset are the lists that I would never think to have one before that. After I read your article, I found that they are pretty nice especially when you need some entertainment. The other things such as kindle e-reader and digital note taker are also portable and convenient to use for employers/employees as well. Thanks for the recommendations. 

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