Online Jobs for College Students- 3 Ways

Hi everyone and welcome to another post by Wealth Student Online, and I am your blogger, Jessie Mosley! I hope all is going well as you prepare yourself to head on back to college in the coming weeks.

Today I would like to talk about the different online jobs for college students. I have found three different and effective ways of making money online, that I would like to share with you. I am going to put them in order from the ones that I think are least effective, to the ones that I feel are most effective, but you be the judge on what would be best for your own lifestyle!

BloggingI am writing this post mostly because I know how tough it is to make money in college, while having to do studies and maybe even work study, which effectively pays for college, but nothing else. So my hope is that you can benefit from this.

If you are not a college student, that is okay too! You can use some of this to help bring in extra income, and even make a full time job out of it if that is what you want to do! So let’s get right into this now and see my top three ways of making money online for college students!

1. Buy and Resell on EBay

This is probably one of the oldest ways of making money online, at least within this list. People do this all the time, and make good money from it! I used to do it as well, especially with silver, but for some reason they got a little strict on silver so I stopped buying and reselling all together on EBay.

There are many advantages and disadvantages to doing something like this, and so let’s look at them here.


1. Probably the biggest advantage with reselling on EBay is that you have the potential of gaining a good profit for what you buy. In some items you may be able to get back as little as one dollar to as much as hundreds of dollars! That is a pretty good deal, but that has at least two disadvantages to it that we will be discussing here soon.


2. This is probably the fastest way to start making money in my opinion, if the product and price is right of course! There is potential of making money on the day you receive your product, if there is enough demand for that product. Of course, also to start off, you could sell your own product until you were able to get other product to resell.

3. E-bay has an easy set up process. If you can get through that, then it is even smoother sailing from there. It does not take much to understand how to put product up for sale, so once you do it a few times, you will have gotten the hang of it enough to not worry about having to do it anymore!


1. The biggest disadvantage that I can see is that you have to actually buy the product before you can resell it. Depending on what you want to buy and resell, that can hit the bank account hard. I would imagine for most college students, this is not an option just yet.

2. Supply and demand may kick in as well. If you are buying product that simply is not selling, you may have to sell it back for a cheaper price than what you bought it for, or you can continue to go and hope someone buys it within the time frame that you want it bought. This is a little risky, and I know for college students this is not a risk some are willing to take, and that is okay! There are other ways of making money!

I’ll also leave you a video below talking more about selling on eBay!

Try Your Hand With Mechanical Turks

Amazon has an amazing program, if you ask me, called Amazon M-Turks. When you sign up for an M-Turk account, you will be told within a few days on whether they accept your application or not. With M-turks you can complete online studies, usually done by colleges or businesses for money! You can have that money transferred over to your bank account, or to an Amazon gift card (lo and behold, it takes less time to get it on the gift card!).

I have been doing this for almost a year, and my wife is clocking in at about three years this year. She can make around 450 a month doing it, and I usually make about 100 a month, depending on the month and my schedule. It is not a lot of money, but it is something.

There are several advantages and disadvantages to this model, and I would only recommend this to the college student who is happy with very little money every month. So let’s look at why I say that.


1. It’s with Amazon. This is great because Amazon is pretty good at making sure you get your pay for what you do. They have great customer services when it comes to M-Turks, and they will try to work with you on fixing any issues that may arise due to anything that is involved with the website and their end of the Survey says!deal.

2. There is always M-turks that need to be done. It won’t always be surveys, which is the majority what my wife and me do, but there is always something there. The lowest I have seen it was about 100 different jobs that could be done on the site. So there is no shortage.

3. Some jobs take less than a minute. This is a quick way to make a little of money. But, typically, these short jobs (known as HITS) pay very little, sometimes as little as one cent. So that is something to try to keep in mind as you begin making your account, if you decide you still want to.


1. Very low payments are the biggest issue. I know I said my wife brings in about 450 a month doing this, but she works on them for hours upon hours, and has become quite a professional at getting the higher paying HITS. If you are like me, and you do not have the kind of time on your hands, this may not be the best way for you to get money online.

2. The process of getting hired on is a headache, believe me. I was even denied at first. I had to go and make another account before they would accept my application, and even then, it took at least a week for the to approve it. The same thing happen with my wife. On top of this, you then have to verify your bank information, which can take several days as well. The process is ridiculously long, and if you don’t have time to deal with just the process of things, this is not for you.

3. You can do the work, and still the requester can deny your work. They can deny it for whatever reason, by most will claim it is because you failed an attention check. This is the most annoying thing ever, and it has happened to me before, several times. I have had over 50 HITS rejected.

So if this sounds like something you would be into, then I’d suggest going ahead and putting in your application, because it does take a while to get it accepted.

Top Way- Wealthy Affiliate of Course!

You probably guessed this one, considering the fact that I have talked about Wealthy Affiliate before, and how they have helped me build two beautiful websites (by the way, as of today, I just made a third one as well!).

If you would like to see how the other website looks, click here! That way you can see what not only one, but two websites look like that come from the classes within Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate is a great place to start with blogging and making money online. It’s free to start and you can upgrade for a discounted price, and every month, only pay 49 dollars a month! With this membership you can have up to 50 sites! That is an amazing deal if you ask me! My plan is to have six sites, and work on one a day, or maybe hire someone to work on one a day, we will see!

Here is a graph for your viewing pleasure on what exactly Wealthy Affiliate offers!

If you are curious about Wealthy Affiliate now, and I would be shocked if you weren’t, I made a post dedicated just to Wealthy Affiliate!

Click here to check that out!

I highly recommend you check Wealth Affiliate out because it is a great place to start an online blog and business!

Don’t Fret the Small Stuff

My final piece of advice to you is to not fret the small stuff. If you don’t have enough money to go out with friends, let them know and don’t feel bad or guilty.

Have funIt is important to make the most of your college experience, and I cannot stress it enough that you should not freak out over small things that come around that deal with finances. I learned this the hard way, by living through it. I don’t want to see you or anyone else going through that, especially while in college.

Seriously, try one of the methods above. If one does not work, try another one. With blogging, you won’t see immediate results, but they do come in time, and it does look good on a resume.

That’s my serious self for the post. If you have any comments or questions, please feel free to leave them below and I will get back with you! Don’t forget to subscribe and share! That way you nor your friends miss a post!

Jessie W. Mosley

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  1. Thanks a lot for such an amazing review of Online Jobs for College Students and explanations are given.

    I am a college student, so I need more sources of income to support me, so I started looking for articles on the internet, this is the best I have found. Some good methods are recommended and I will definitely try them.

    Thanks again for this post. If you don’t mind, I will share this article on my social media account. Good luck!

  2. I’ve tried making money with eBay before but I find that eBay charges and further paypal charges along with P&P fees make it difficult to actually earn anything worthwhile and to be honest its free to sell stuff on Facebook.

    I am however very interested in the Amazon Mechanical Turk that you’ve reviewed but I’m interested to know that if I were to work with this Turk for 1.5 hours per day, every day, can you estimate how much money I’m likely to make in a month? If it’s just $100 I probably wouldn’t do it but if I could make $2-300 it might be worth as shot

    1. Hi Dave!  For that little bit of time a day, I would say you would even be lucky to get 100 a month.  It all comes down to your qualifications, which can take a while to establish, what time of the day you get on, and what day of the week it is.  On the weekends, you’d be lucky to pull in a few dollars altogether with that little time invested.  

  3. I have some history selling on eBay.  As you discussed, one might not be able to do this without spending money first.  But, what I did was offer to sell for other people and take a percentage of the sale.  I was able to do this during college with friends’ textbooks, as well.  You also discussed Amazon and if you had some money upfront, Amazon would be an option similar to eBay.  They make a seller central app that allows you to scan items in stores and see how they are selling online.  This works well for regional or discontinued items in retail stores.  

  4. This is most likely perhaps the most seasoned methods for profiting on the web, at any rate inside this rundown. Individuals do this constantly, and take in substantial income from it! I used to do it too, particularly with silver, yet for reasons unknown they got somewhat exacting on silver so I quit purchasing and exchanging all together on EBay.

    There are numerous favorable circumstances and detriments to accomplishing something like this, as how about we take a gander at them here.

  5. No. 1- As you mentioned, it may require some capital and a lot of time an research to avoid the risk on getting into losses or non selling items.

    No. 2- Mechanical Turks has became more and more limited with time. I wouldn’t bet for it as a reliable source of continuous income.

    No. 3- Requires some effort, I’ve became a Wealthy Affiliate member myself a couple of months ago, but income is more consistent and reliable. 

    Everything depends on what you’re looking for, a source of reliable income or just a side hustle. 

    If you’re looking for the first, I’d rather stick to WA.

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